The Liberty & Justice Party (of Guyana) (LJP), is a new political movement launched on Saturday 12th January 2019.

Led by Mr. Lenox Shuman, the party is a collective of like-minded people of all ethnicities, all identities, and all cultures who respect each other’s right to share equally in the power, the wealth, and patrimony of our great country, Guyana.

Guyana is a rich country reflected in its peoples, diversity, culture, and natural resources. It is built on the hope that every citizen should prosper together. Since Guyana’s independence in 1966, successive governments have failed to provide political stability, economic growth, or serious investment in their our most precious resource our people.

The LJP has been formed out of necessity because the Guyanese people will no longer endure and carry on the detrimental legacy of the past 53 years of the political status quo of Guyana; the failures of ethic chauvinism, the backward politics of race, the disrespect and disregard of Guyana’s Constitution and the total lack of vision for Guyana’s future development of our people and our country.

The LJP hopes that you like and follow our Facebook page so you can get all of the latest information about the party, meetings and latest news.

Only you can make the change that you wish Guyana to be and only you can vote for the Liberty & Justice Party who will make Guyana into the country it has always promised to be. Together we can make this happen because the LJP is committed to “Shaping Guyana’s Future.”


Liberty & Justice Party (LJP) Constitution