Foreword by Lenox Shuman, Leader and Presidential Candidate of the Liberty & Justice Party.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this Manifesto.

The Liberty & Justice Party believes that the outcome of Guyana’s 2019 election will be the most important political decision in Guyana’s post-Independence history. The people of Guyana will decide if Guyana is going to stay in the past continuing 53 years of politics that has failed Guyanese people for generations.

The Liberty & Justice Party is the only alternative to the current political status quo of “I’m alright Jack” politics. We believe that our party must be open, accountable and visionary to reshape Guyana’s future.

This manifesto details our proposals of development and growth to support all Guyanese, so you can see clearly where the LJP stands on the key fundamental issues that faces our nation.

We relish the fact that this manifesto will start serious dialogue all over the country and internationally. An essential dialogue that is overdue. Now is the time to think about Guyana’s future, to think about the country that the LJP will create for your children and generations to come.

You know what’s at stake in this election. This is a defining moment in our history. The country that our fore fathers fought for is slipping away to be replaced with corruption and dictatorships that is described in George Orwell’s cautionary novel “Animal Farm”.

However, it is because of 53 years of their failures that this moment of challenge is also a moment of opportunity. You have the opportunity to bring our country together in a new majority, to finally tackle problems that successive governments have ignored for too long.

We are paying for services and resources that can be and will be free under a LJP government. Our healthcare and education systems are dysfunctional and broken. We have lost faith in our political system and our leaders who are determine to take our country down the path of mediocracy and servitude.  We only have a small window of opportunity to save our country for our children and generations to come.

The LJP leadership will make the biggest progress economically and socially in Guyana’s history to date because we will lead with principles; not by selfishness, with conviction and focused commitment to the higher purpose that we know Guyana can achieve. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and our policies will be driven by unwavering will.

We are in this race to tell the Guyanese oligarchy that their time is up. We’re in this race because we want to stop the inequality of our people that have no access to the most basic of services like education and healthcare. We’re in this race to end our dependence on hand-outs every election cycle. We are in this race to support and protect our business sector. We are in this race to protect our natural resources and create a balanced rich society that our children will inherit.

Our country has more wealth than many of the nations that surrounds us, but that’s not what makes us rich. What makes us rich is our intelligence and our spirit, the Guyanese intelligence that thrives in other countries but not in our own. Guyanese spirit that has been forged by generations of our peoples that knew our future was worth fighting for. They knew that our future needed to be claimed by us all, not just the few. The prize is here, waiting for us to be the nation that deserves it. We need to reclaim our talented citizens right here in Guyana and from the diaspora. With Constitutional change we will re-lay the foundations of our nation to guide us even when the path is uncertain; this change will bring our nation together and consolidate our minds on the future that we will create together.

Guyana, now is our moment. It is our moment to cast out the old and embarrass the new to take our place in the 22nd century of the global framework.

Now is the time, so we’re asking you to stand with us the Liberty & Justice Party. Now is the time to stop settling for what the old politicians say you have to accept. At this election vote for what we all know Guyana is capable of, a Guyana that believes in itself, it’s people and its country.