Business Sector

Business Sector

The LJP will boost Guyana’s entrepreneurial sector by removing the barriers our business talent faces with Start-Ups and give sustainable support & incentives to the business sector that is driven by a commitment to create jobs, give training and uphold labour rights with profitable best practices.

The LJP will;

» Reduce corporate tax to 20%, following annual feasibility protocol. As the economy & revenue improves the tax can be lowered.

» Give tax incentives linked to job creation

» Support young entrepreneurs with the “Business First” Initiative

» Encouraging and promoting Guyanese to invest more in Guyana. In the interest of transparency and anti-corruption, we will establish a register of promotions and promoters. If a registered investment takes off, promoters will be entitled to a pre-set introduction and success fee. Our aim is to encourage every Guyanese to be an investment promoter and to act against corrupt practices in the promotion of investments by people who have special access to Government ministers, Board Chairmen and senior public servants.

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