The biggest obstacle to the prosperity for all Guyanese has been 54 years of corrupt governments.

One of the LJP’s top priorities will be to eliminate corruption and place Guyana in the top 50 of the world’s Corruption Perception Index by 2022. In 2018, Guyana was placed at 93 with a score of 34, Denmark is number 1 with a score of 88. We have some work to do.

The LJP will;

» At the First Sitting of Parliament, table and mandate the Integrity Commission’s requirement for all parliamentarians to declare their assets and tax returns annually, in order to fight corruption, protect whistleblowers and usher in a new period of transparency and accountability in the governance of our national affairs; and Immediately after the Election, require Ministers to declare their assets as well.

» Implementing a policy of zero tolerance for corruption.

» Introducing election campaign finance reform.

» Establishing an Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate incidents of corruption and make
recommendations for prosecution or other appropriate action.

» Creating a centralised Digital Services Committee to play the lead role in delivering people- centric all public services in all ten regions. This will serve to co-ordinate and rationalise several existing units such as the Data Processing Department, e-Government, e-Commerce, Telecommunications, and the many ICT units of individual Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Governments are judged by what they do, not by what they say. The LJP will restore Guyana’s reputation for fairness and transparency and pursue palpable transformation by:

» Genuinely enforcing the Freedom of Information Act to release to the public all information not restricted on the grounds of national security, personal privacy or commercial sensitivity. This will allow greater public oversight of the decisions and actions taken by Government.

» Creating a Committee on Social Justice as part of the Social Partnership, which will be broadened to include Civil Society and the religious bodies.

» Bringing legislation to create a more equitable and fairer environment for rental properties that protects both, landlords and tenants.

» Addressing the decriminalisation of vending while taking into account and balancing the interests of those who want to earn a living and support their families, as well as the interests of competing store and property owners.

» Streamlining immigration processes for transparency, fairness and efficiency to fast track the applications of those who have lived in Guyana most of their lives, but have no legal status.

Give Guyanese people a Greater Say in National Affairs
The empowerment of people is central to the mission of the Liberty and Justice Party. Greater responsibility must be entrusted to our citizens and communities in ways that foster fairness and deepen democracy. Our vision for Guyana includes Guyanese who are confident and knowledgeable enough about matters of business, education, health & technology to make invaluable contributions to civic affairs and community development.

The LJP will be;

» Introducing National Dialogues, National Referenda and consulting with Guyanese on major national issues.

» Establishing People’s Assemblies. These will be elected and will be directly engaged in regional activities to strengthen and protect our communities. These Assemblies will increase the participation of our citizens in civic affairs and assist in the role of oversight of key statutory entities. They will enhance communication between communities, Members of Parliament and Government and also act as effective enablers for resource mobilisation on behalf of communities and citizens who are in genuine need.

» Establishing, through the People’s Assemblies, outreach programs to improve the well-being of citizens, promote health and wellness and lead to a sense of greater citizen security and safer neighbourhoods.

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