Compassionate, dignified care plays a critical part in strong communities, ensures that people can be healthy and independent for longer, and is a significant economic sector in its own right. The LJP health governance will provide a health care system that respects and trusts health professionals and gives them the time, space, training with equivalent compensation for their life saving work.

The LJP will;

» Digitize GHS delivery system and, taking patient centred approach, integrate the health services among all the stake holders ensuring service quality through implementation of realistic KPIs for performance measurement.

» Promote transparency by ending commercial confidentiality.

» Require GHS staff to declare financial interests that conflict with their role.

» Provide free social care at the end of life, enabling dying people to choose where they die.

» Provide accessible, local community health centres that provide a wide range of services, including out-of-hours care. These will help people access healthcare quickly rather than being a replacement for GPs.

» Listen to and work in partnership with third sector organisations that are championing patient care.

» Ensure that all cost-effective treatments are available to all patients who need them.

» The LJP would act to prevent illness and expand primary and community care. Those involved in primary and community care – GPs, practice nurses, district nurses, health visitors, midwives, counselors, pharmacists, occupational therapists and all the other community-based professionals – are best placed to prevent ill health from developing in the first place. They would carry out checks and give advice or treatment to people who, for instance, are stressed, obese, inactive, or alcohol or nicotine dependent. This intervention by a trusted health professional would make the difference at an individual level and be linked to local services, such as advice centres, opportunities for physical activity, lunch clubs and so on.

» The LJP will support and finance medical & pharmaceutical research.

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