Natural Environment

Natural Environment

Guyana must embrace the ‘Blue Economy’ as the flipside of the ‘Green Economy,’ with the ‘Green Economy’ being terrestrial-based and the ‘Blue Economy’ being aquatic-based. LJP supports the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS-2040), if implemented diligently, Guyana could be well on its way to becoming the world’s first ‘Green’ State with a ‘Blue Economy.

The LJP would implement the following:

» Put environmental considerations at the heart of inclusive development so that they will guide every decision we make as a Government.

» Intensify environmental awareness programs among our children and youth, within our schools and in our villages and rural communities to promote an understanding of the central role of the environment in securing our survival and our future.

» The LJP climate change policy approach will be based on adaptation to and mitigation of the impacts of climate change on Guyanese society, economy and environment and building resilience against this threat; and develop climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies to safeguard those most affected.

» The LJP would tackle environmental issues that need urgent intervention, such as the management of our water resources and supply, sewerage and solid waste collection and disposal, and other activities that create nuisances and health risks for the public. General environmental challenges and the grave threat of climate change demand that our principal efforts be in the area of transformation and fund climate resilient initiatives through resources available at the national, regional, and international level, such as those in the Green Climate Fund.

» The LJP, in the spirit of Guyana’s blue economy, will preserve Guyana’s coastlines through rehabilitating our sea-defences, our marine environment, the health of our mangroves and reefs and the habitats of our marine plants and animals. We will ensure sustainable use and development of marine assets, resources, minerals and species for sustainable recreation and decent livelihoods for those who make a living from the sea. These protections are at the centre of a Guyana’s Blue Economy which will be built on the following foundations: Best practices for sustainability and the preservation of the marine environment; The protection of our mangroves, reefs and coastlines; National Security; Research for informed policy- making; and Food security.

» The LJP will facilitate the establishment of a Maritime Institute to train Guyanese and CARICOM nationals in a range of maritime and seafaring skills for local and international employment. Courses to benefit our fisherfolk will also be available.

» The LJP will fully implement the Green Economy and Blue Economy policy and develop national sustainability indicators to monitor Guyana’s progress at achieving sustainability and our transition to a carbon-neutral “Green State”.

» The LJP will promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources including wind, solar, hydro, and biomass as the means to increase energy security and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to power our economy.

» The LJP will award financial incentives to ventures that create jobs and businesses in green financial products, renewable green energy and improved resource efficiency.

» Increase research and develop training programs in state-of-the-art technologies in energy including small-scale energy systems for application in local and rural communities, homes, schools and other institutions in the country.

» The LJP would: Incentivise the use of green energy by commercial properties within the time frame to meet national deadlines; Incentivise the use of clean energy vehicles by businesses and individuals; Introduce grid-tied and/or off-grid/standalone renewable energy systems at public schools and shelters to mitigate the effects of disasters due to climate change; Develop and implement a comprehensive ‘Feed-in-Tariff Program’; and Utilise a R&D framework that allows for domestic innovation of renewable technologies.

» The LJP will ensure that by 2040, Guyana will be 100% green and carbon-neutral state. This will require greater collaboration and integration across Government ministries and Guyana’s social and economic sectors. Steps would include: all government offices will run on renewable energy by 2025; all government vehicles and street lighting to run on clean energy by 2025; duty-free concessions to public service vehicle (PSV) operators to import vehicles powered by alternative energy sources; and monitor the development of new technologies such as floating wind-farms to determine their suitability for Guyana.

» The LJP will formulate national waterfront development policy to beautify waterfronts in all the regions as a safe habitat for biodiversity, a place of beauty, art, culture, recreation and low impact entertainment; make beaches, gullies, and public spaces more welcoming and safer by beautifying and utilising them as part of our national culture, heritage, and community assets; build public toilets in all towns and cities and maintain them; introduce an annual competition for the Best Kept Neighbourhood to encourage people to keep their neighbourhoods clean and beautiful; hold National Clean-Up Days every quarter, to encourage Guyanese to participate in community clean-up programs; implement an anti- littering campaign accompanied by the provision of adequate litter bins in public spaces and mandate their use at all public events; implement a ticketing system for littering and for overgrown lots – it will not only beautify the towns and cities but afford additional housing.

» The LJP will implement: a Clean Air Act to reduce harmful industrial and vehicular emissions, as well as to stop the indiscriminate burning of garbage, yard waste and other materials at all hours of the day and night; Develop measures to address noise pollution and curb the operation of noisy equipment in residential communities before 8am and after 8pm and all-day Sunday, our God-given day of rest; and Establish designated entertainment zones throughout Guyana with extended playing times for music.

» The LJP would: Ban Single-use-plastics and Styrofoam containers; Introduce a national recycling program; Work with land owners to enhance and open up a gully in each parish for low impact use and the enjoyment of the community; Open-up our communities and develop green spaces for recreation, the arts, crafts, low-impact entertainment and revenue generation for small and community-based businesses and creatives; Use fiscal incentives to spur the creation of new industries and small businesses designed to reduce the national carbon footprint through reuse, recycling, packaging or other innovations; Utilise fiscal incentives to accelerate green economy investments and activities by households and businesses; and without compromising the planning process, expedite Town Planning approvals for green, low energy projects and buildings.

» The LJP believes in the right of Guyanese to access, use and enjoy all of Guyana’s beaches. Our beaches are part of our national patrimony and will remain completely public under the LJP Government.

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