New Economic Platforms for Growth & Development

The LJP will;

» Create a Major Research & Technology (R&T) park in the outskirts of Georgetown in order to encourage the formation and growth of the commercial and industry sectors based on knowledge science. The place would serve as a catalyst that drives the start-up of newly established high-tech firms and guides the existing firms for advancement in process and product innovation. R&T Park would offer modern infrastructure and integrated info- structure to promote research and technology development and commercialization for wealth creation and sustainable economic growth – something similar to Science Park of Singapore and Cyberjaya of Malaysia.

» Create a SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE/s (SEZ) close to the proposed Georgetown Deep-Water Port to serve as hub of economic activity with in CARICOM, connect South America with North America and Europe; also consider other sites at strategic places throughout Guyana. SEZs would be set at Crabwood Creek (Region-6), Lethem (Region-9), and Charity (Region-2) – Charity would also be upgraded to “Town” status.

» Develop Guyana’s waterways to international standards and integrate them to connect interior with rest of the country and beyond – embracing blue economy; The ‘Blue Economy’ is an emerging concept which encourages better stewardship of our ocean or ‘blue’ resources. Small island states, relative to their land mass, have vast ocean resources at their disposal – presenting a huge opportunity for boosting their economic growth and to tackle unemployment, food security and poverty. They also have the most to lose from the degradation of marine resources.

» Put in place a master-plan to develop Georgetown into a green smart city of the future; take governance building structure (Government Buildings) out of Georgetown to inland higher grounds – connecting with green public transport to the rest of the country.

» Pursue wider tourism activities in eco-tourism, education, health, sports, and cultural tourism that can be developed in conjunction with our vast natural and cultural resources.

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