Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management

The Liberty and Justice Party is determined to rebuild an efficient and effective professional public service suited to delivering on the vision, policy directions and innovations that will characterise our tenure in office. New governance and management structures that reflect the new vision and policy direction of the Government will be put in place.

The LJP will:

» Enhance timely and effective human resource management in the public service by establishing separate administrative support for each of the Service Commissions – the Public, Teaching, Police, Judicial and Legal Services. Each Service Commission will be led by a Director. The Directors of the new Service Commissions will be qualified, human resource professionals. The Chief Personnel Officer will retain overarching responsibility.

» At the same time the Personnel Administration Division will be restructured to allow for more transparent, fair, efficient and timely decision making across the entire public service, particularly, the recruiting process.

» Work with the Trades Unions to obtain greater levels of productivity, for which we will appropriately remunerate public officers.

» Transform the College for the Public Service to an established educational tertiary institution for the strategic retraining of our public servants.

» Reform ‘The Civil Services’ recruitment process to be transparent and just by introducing nationwide competitive Civil Services Exam conducted by the Public Service Commission for recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of Guyana, including the Guyana Administrative Service, Guyana Foreign Service, and Guyana Police Service.

» Review, with a view to improving, the terms and conditions of public officers, including police and fire officers, teachers, nurses, customs and immigration officers, as well as those in the general service.

» Introduce technical promotion grades across the Civil Service to allow for specialists to remain in the technical streams rather than moving into administration.

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