Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The further concerning news is that Safety and Security, one of the nine pillars that LPI uses to measure and track prosperity, has continued to deteriorate across the globe. LPI’s 12 years analysis shows that Safety and Security, in all its guises, is the foundation of any successful nation-building and enables the other pillars of prosperity to follow, from Personal Freedom, Health and Education through to a thriving business environment and sound governance. Without Safety and Security, it is challenging to build anything, and the pathway to prosperity is obscured.

One of the key findings of 2018 LPI is that “Safety and Security” continues to fall globally, and in five out of seven regions. This is driven primarily by falls in the security of people’s living conditions, with the largest falls in Latin America and the Caribbean due to fewer people reporting that they could afford sufficient food and shelter – Guyana is no exception.

The LJP shares the nation’s anguish at the rising tide of criminality and lawlessness. Everything we do as a Government to stabilise the economy, will be jeopardised if we do not treat to the crisis of serious crime, gun violence and general lawlessness. Safety and security are integral to securing prosperity; a nation can prosper only in an environment of security and safety for its citizens. We will address violent crimes and guns in Guyana by supporting our Law Enforcement Agencies & Improving Policing; Safety & Security will be dealt in the first six-month urgent tasks.

The LJP will be:

» Coordinating with regional and global security agencies to control the flow of guns with a view to building an effective Caribbean partnership to tackle this scourge.

» Increasing the size of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) by appointing administrative staff to perform non-policing functions so as to allow our police officers to focus on their primary role in maintaining law, order and the protection of citizens; and Improving the GPF pay- scales and other benefits.

» Addressing the appointment of additional police officers as a matter of urgency; Equipping police force officers with smartphones and body-cams, outfitting police cars with tablet computers and dash-cams and expanding the use of CCTV cameras in high traffic areas, in order to enhance the GPF’s detection rate and enforcement capability; and we would DIGITIZE all police processes.

» Progressively reducing the retirement age of police officers, given their health profiles, stress and the physical demands placed on them as they carry out their role to protect Guyanese.

» Investing in the upgrading and renewal of plant, equipment, vehicles, speed boats, and choppers for the GPF as to allow them to do their jobs in an efficient and effective manner; and renovating police stations infrastructure to bring at par with the world standards of connectivity and mobility.

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