“As chief and leader of my community I have always challenged the status quo. I believe that successive governments have made it very clear that they do not want to see or encourages strong indigenous leaders. They like them malleable and politically aligned. I am neither. Let me make this very clear, the Liberty & Justice Party cannot be side lined as an “Indigenous Party”. It is not. It is the only party that has no connection to the failed politics of the past. It is the only party that will defend and protect all Guyanese people. It is the only party that will put people before politics”

Short Biography

Here's a short Biography of Our Leader.

Full Biography

13 Sep 1973

Early Life

Born in St Cuthbert’s Mission

2 Sep 1985


Won scholarship to North Georgetown Secondary School (1985 -1990)

1 Jan 1990


1990 – The Shuman family emigrated to Canada

1 Jan 1995

Graduated High School

1995 - Graduated High School in Toronto at Jarvis Collegiate Institute

1 Jan 1999

Graduated College

1999 – Graduated Confederation College with a Diploma in Business and a Commercial Pilot Licence.

1 Jan 2009

Returned Home

2009 – Returned to Guyana and married Amanda Van Herten they have three children.

1 Jan 2015

Won Chieftaincy

2015 - Contested and won the Chieftaincy of St Cuthbert’s Mission.

1 Jan 2015

Elected Vice Chairman of NTC

2015 – Elected Vice Chairman of the National Toshaos Council.

1 Jan 2018

Major Announcement

2018 – Announced intentions to run for the Presidency of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in the next Election

12 Jan 2019

Launch of the LJP

Jan. 12 2019 – Shaping Guyana’s Future - Launch of the Liberty & Justice Party